Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar Survey and Services

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys involve carrying out scans across the material under investigation using an electromagnetic transducer.

A GPR Scan Showing A Pile Cap

Pulses of energy are transmitted into the ground by the transducer. At each change of material part of the pulse is reflected back to the transducer and subsequently processed and displayed as a vertical scan on a computer screen. Each scan provides a two dimensional slice into the material.


RS carry our GPR surveys to investigate the following:

  • To determine construction details
  • To identify steel reinforcing details
  • To locate structural defects including voids, cracks, moisture, honeycombed concrete etc
  • To find and map buried services
  • To locate and map foundations and piles
  • To locate buried features including swallow holes, fuel storage tanks, underground streams or ducts, capped wells etc

RS employ GPR either on it’s own or complimented by other techniques depending on the nature of the investigation and the materials being investigated.

RS provide detailed interpretative reports that clearly demonstrate the findings of the surveys.

An Example Of A Radar Scan Showing Buried Services

Services Overview


RS provides a professional, innovative, reliable and competetive service drawing on many years experience in the investigation, inspection and remediation of buildings and structures.