Building Defect Investigations: Investigating & diagnoses the cause of building defects

Building Defect Investigations

RS investigates and diagnoses the cause of building defects including the following:

Water ingress through a concrete roof deck
  • Roofing
    water ingress, air leakage or failures
  • Cladding
    water ingress, air leakage, condition surveys or failures
  • Brickwork
    cracking, water penetration, wall tie omission / failure, cavity inspections
  • Concrete
    cracking, spalling, reinforcement, corrosion
  • Damp
    rising damp, penetrating damp, leaking services, roof leaks
  • Flooring
    debonding, cracking, failure
  • Waterproofing
    failure of systems
Structural failure within an historic building

RS uses combinations of inspection or investigation techniques which, when allied with selected laboratory analysis, indicate the cause(s) of the defects or failures.

RS then produces detailed interpretative reports that indicate the source(s) of the problem(s) together with the potential remedial solutions.

RS can also produce budget costs for the remediation and, where required, arrange and supervise the remedial works.

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Services Overview

RS provides a professional, innovative, reliable and competetive service drawing on many years experience in the investigation, inspection and remediation of buildings and structures.